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American Cuisine

How do you define American cuisine? The James Beard Foundation’s 2008 survey, “The State of American Cuisine,” posed that question to food lovers and food professionals alike. The consensus of the survey respondents was that, if there is a national American cuisine, “it exists in regional form.” The survey concluded that what makes “American cuisine a cuisine is precisely its disunity. American cuisine morphs, adapts, borrows, creates and roots itself where people enjoy it.” 

Each region of the United States has its own take on what constitutes American cuisine, and New England has it own proud culinary traditions. ArtBar celebrates American cuisine at its finest, using ingredients that are native to the New England area. The restaurant’s innovative interpretation of classic regional dishes includes favorites like lobster rolls, New England seafood stew and clam chowder.

The beauty of ArtBar’s American cuisine is both in its redesign of classic regional dishes as well as its reliance on local ingredients—the freshest seafood, naturally raised beef, free-range chicken and locally grown produce. It’s New American cuisine that is familiar, yet with an unexpected twist. Crab cakes are paired with a local apple slaw, the twin lobster roll features lemon-tarragon aioli, and the vegetable phyllo assemblage features uniquely New England root vegetables.

American cuisine is also about comfort food—plentiful, soul filling and quintessentially wholesome. From brunch to lunch to dinner, ArtBar offers American cuisine that is comfort food for a gourmet—a rich pumpkin bisque, an organic chicken pot pie, and a hearty seafood stew—a wonderful mélange of the best of regional specialties.